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Another Great Litter Pick


Litter Pick July 19


Our latest litterpick attracted seven enthusiastic, and given the very high temperatures on Saturday, resiliant Pickers to the High Street and Blagdon Open Space.   
Although the High Street, as far as actual litter was concerned, was surprisingly clear, the major, and most fiddly part, was picking up cigarette butts.   I don't understand why the Council does not insist on Restaurants putting ashtrays outside for the smokers who have to leave the premises for their fix which might stop the mega cigarette butt distribution in the metal grid surrounding the trees as well as all over the pavements.    
It looks disgusting.
The second picture is the litter we picked up from the Blagdon Open Space.   The Council has asked that we separate the rubbish so this morning the writer spent a considerable time sorting through the disgusting mess to separate cans, bottles, plastic etc.   
I have no problem in doing this.   I understand the Council cannot pick up all the litter within the Borough, given that it is, or can be, in inaccessible places.   I do object to the people who casually drop all this rubbish without any thought for what they are doing.   I picked up yesterday, two glass bottle tops that had been smashed and left near a pathway.   Children could, possibly, fall and cut themselves, or worse. What I also object to is that whilst we are doing as much as we can, and this includes other residents who are obviously mounting their own litter picking exercise (well done), the four or so people working around the station and the beds in front of Tesco Metro, and the residents who turn up for our litter picks, the Council is not getting to grips with the rubbish dumped in the High Street by traders and we understand, some residents.   We have been on the warpath with the Council over the past month, taking photos and e-mailing them to the Council most days.   The litter is still being dumped in the High Street.    The Council is asking, in their Local Plan, "Do you have any suggestions for the future of any of our local centres or shopping parades?"   In view of what the writer has seen over the past month, and it has been going on for years, one of the suggestions must be pretty clear!!  




1. Don’t forget to have your say on the Local Plan early engagement- deadline 31 July. Key issues are how the opportunity areas are defined and how they were chosen, and why the criterion of being near a station with frequent trains is not used consistently (New Malden is required to have much more housing, but Surbiton is not). Also why Kingston is required to have much more housing than, for example, Richmond. There are discussions on different topics scheduled on 10 July in NM, 22 July in Surbiton, and 25 July in Chessington; details and sign-up are at

2. We have only just heard about a Royal Parks consultation- deadline 14 July

If Richmond Park is closed to cars it will adversely affect north Kingston; Liz Meerabeau has responded that Royal Parks should consult on each royal park separately, since they are quite different from each other, and has asked whether RBK has been consulted.

3. Plenty of time to respond on Heathrow- deadline 13

Exhibition at Penrhyn Road 27 August, 2-8 pm.

4. Consultation on Cocks Crescent

Deadline to register for workshops was 8 July but they may stretch this; they are on 13 and 27 July at the Malden Centre.

And lastly, an air quality drop-in session:


Come along to our Air Quality forum and share your ideas 

Air quality is one of the biggest issues we face. It has huge impacts on our health and we need to take action to tackle it. We are committed to improving air quality across the borough by working together with residents, communities, businesses and partners to find solutions and ideas that will improve all our lives.

As you may know, we’ll be holding a drop-in session this Thursday (11 July) to hear your ideas and thoughts about air quality, and to share with you some of our current initiatives. This Air Quality Forum will be the start of a sustained programme of activity focused on improving our air across the borough for years to come.

You are invited to attend at any time between 4pm and 7.30pm at the Guildhall. If you haven't already done so, please register for the event on our engagement portal to give us an idea of numbers. No need to tell us what time you plan to come along. 

Please feel free to bring children and family members with you too.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday!

Kind regards, 

Kingston Council 




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