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 In the near future New Malden will experience more change than we have seen for many years.

Well-loved local landmarks may be at risk, and the whole character of ‘the village’ may alter.

At NMRA we are intent on playing our part in shaping the future, but we need a large,

vocal membership to do this.

Please join us!


Lets Talk

SATURDAY 19TH JANUARY 10:30 to 12:30
New Malden Methodist Church
High Street

Kingston Council will be running four resident engagement events over December and January called: ‘Kingston: Let’s talk’.
This round of events will focus on the council’s priorities for the future and finances.  

There will be an opportunity to discuss your thoughts and share ideas with others from the local community,
as well ask questions to Councillor Liz Green, Leader of the Council.  

The events aim to involve residents more directly in the council's decision making process, discussing what matters to you.

Please let us know if you’d like to come along by filling in our short form at:
You can also submit a question for the Leader.

Your Town

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New Malden Residents’ Association: Chair’s Report 20th November 2018

This year has been one of two halves, bisected by the local elections which changed the political balance in KT3, bringing in new councillors whom we are gradually getting to know. We are grateful to the previous councillors with whom we worked closely, and also at our AGM say thank you and goodbye to two long-serving members of the NMRA committee, John Knowles and Mike Freeman. We are pleased that Mike will continue to look after our website.

Three committee members regularly attend the Maldens and Coombe Neighbourhood Committee, and also various committees in the Guildhall (or watch the live stream of the latter). We work closely with the Groves RA, and are also a member of NORA, the National Organisation of RAs. We also have a regular column in the Village Voice free magazine.

Several large new housing developments have begun in New Malden, but NMRA is not solely an organisation which campaigns against these; we also do what we can to create a sense of community, working with other organisations. In particular, in the past year NMRA has established a closer working relationship with Rotary and, through our committee member Tariq Shabbeer, has become a member of the Kingston Environment Centre.

Read the full report from our Chair Liz Meerabeau ....HERE

Local Food Banks

Not just at Christmas





 Local Collection Points....HERE

Love it or hate it....Apex Tower - Winter Sunset

Apex Tower


Well they say the sun shines on the righteous, but certainly on Sunday 2nd December, the rain disappeared and the sun did indeed shine on the tree planting.   With an input from residents, the Kingston Environment Centre, the New Malden Residents’ Association, the GoodGym people (a group of runners who run to a Community event to give a hand among many other things they do – amazing) and many children, a hedge of 50 or so bushes, went into the ground to provide, what we all hope, will be a variety of shrubs for the enjoyment of visitors to the Grounds, and the benefit of wildlife.


The growing band of enthusiastic supporters for the work being carried out on the Recreation Ground by local residents can be seen on days like this.   This is really just the start of improvements to the Ground, but with the input of a number of organisations such as Manor Park, Mencap, Cambridge Road Estate, our Association and the Kingston Environment Centre, not to mention Councillors and Council Officers, the Recreation  Ground can be brought back to what it should be, a space to be used and enjoyed by all in the Community.


November Litter Pick

Nov Litter

Another enjoyable outing.... all the pictures HERE

A Vision For New Malden

9 October meeting

On 9th October NMRA organised and hosted a panel discussion on a vision for New Malden. It consisted of Cllr Malcolm Self, portfolio holder for planning policy, Cllr Nicola Sheppard, opposition spokesperson for housing, and two speakers on public involvement in planning: local resident Peter Karpinski who is pursuing the creation of an Urban Room, a venue where development schemes can be presented and debated, and Jean Vidler of the Kingston Environment Centre, who has participated in the consultation on the Tolworth Plan. In the audience were several other councillors and ex-councillors, and Robin Hutchinson, creator of the Community Brain and ShedX and well-known social entrepreneur.


Questions from our membership centred on development in New Malden, and we were pleased to hear that the SPD (outline planning document) for Cocks Crescent drawn up by the Conservatives will be adopted to avoid more time being wasted, and that we are likely to get a new leisure centre. We must keep reminding councillors that both the pool and adult education serve much of RBK, not just NM, so there should be investment from the rest of the borough, not just from profits from a joint development on Cocks Crescent.


A year ago at our AGM we asked Ed Davey MP for an Area Plan for New Malden. He doubted that we would see one before the local elections, but these have now taken place and the Lib Dems are in power. A Local Plan for the whole of RBK is now in prospect so we will not get an Area Plan, but we want NM to get the same level of detailed attention that Tolworth has had. We don’t want to end up as a dormitory of tower blocks. NMRA will also be pursuing discussions about the High Street (having had rather muted responses from the councillors on our panel). Councillors in Doncaster, surrounded by Amazon warehouses and much more deprived than NM, are working with local people to turn the centre of town into a ‘noisy, very human-focused place for socialising and collective experience’. If Donny can manage it, why not New Malden?


 A vision for New Malden

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